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All the trees

Laser projection on trees

Tree(s), lasers, sound, computer, 2022

All the Trees reveals the beauty of the natural world by enhancing a section of trees (or a single tree). Every branch and every leaf undulates and sparkles under powerful rays of light, offering a captivating spectacle. Through this sensitive and ephemeral intervention, visitors are invited to contemplate the world around them. As trees are part of our everyday life, how can we renew our attention towards them and remain captivated by their familiar presence? Although they may seem motionless, trees live at a different pace from ours, bound to the Anthropocene.

During this shared ritual, the experience aims to instill in visitors the necessity of preserving life, even in its most modest forms.

Our relationship with live beings as well as sobriety through low-tech are central themes in the recent projects of Studio Lemercier. In a world of perpetual change where the possibility of life on Earth is threatened, the studio aims to question our use of technology. Starting from the need to rethink artistic production methods, this sound and light installation can be readapted to a wide variety of contexts. All the Trees is designed to be energy-autonomous: it is powered by locally charged batteries on solar panels, using intentionally low-energy-consuming equipment.

Conception & Visuals: Joanie Lemercier
Sound Design: Before Tigers

Co-direction: Juliette Bibasse
Technical Development: Martin Pirson
Production: Nicolas Roziecki

Noël à Lorient, Lorient, FR – December 2022
Fête des Lumières, Lyon, FR – December 2022

Joanie Lemercier