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« For Earth Day, discover the impact of Autodesk on our planet. » Check the popup website: Autodesk.earth This is a popup website I created to raise awareness on the impact of tech companies on climate change. Drone images, photography, creative coding, HTML and CSS, projection...

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Tutorial: Origami and projection mapping

I’ve been doing creative workshops with kids and schools for years (with 8-10 years old) and this can be an easy and creative activity to do at home during the confinement. All you need to make the sculpture is paper, tape, and a bit...

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Climate Action

We are facing an unprecedented global climate emergency. We must act now. I believe individual actions are important (reduction of consumption and travel, local sourcing of products) but without a shift from corporations, banks and governments, it remains insignificant. In 2019 I decided to...

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How many trees to make a forest ?

During an Art residency in Iceland, Juliette Bibasse and Joanie Lemercier are planting trees. Here’s a daily diary (original twitter thread). September 20th 2019: Today we’re planting some trees. It snowed on the nearby peaks last night. It’s 7°C, but it feels like 3°C....

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