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100 possible landscapes

The Possible landscape series is an ongoing body of work exploring the creation of imaginary landscapes from code. More info on the larger drawings series.

Once parameters and variables are set, the artist uses the software as a machine to create artworks: an infinite amount of landscapes can be generated from the system. The artists create and selects multiple iterations, in a quest for beauty, assisted by the computer.

This particular series (30x30cm) is an experiment: the collector sees a blank canvas, and doesn’t know yet what the artwork is going to look like. After the “blind purchase”, the drawing machine will start drawing and the work will be revealed after its completion. The collector’s name also appears in the NFT.

The NFT on HicEtNunc

This drawing of a landscape will be created only once collected. Each drawing is unique. 30x30cm. Signed.

The making of the drawing will be revealed inside this OBJKT, alongside an archive of all drawings. International shipping included. DM me with verified HEN account for shipping details.


Note on impact:
I estimated the CO2 impact of selling clean NFTs (Tezos blockchain: Proof-of-Stake) making and delivering 100 drawings internationally to <1kg of CO2 per artwork sold and delivered. Sources: 1234. I’m still looking for more precise estimates.

Making a single Ethereum transaction today (Proof-of-Work) has an estimated CO2 footprint of about 110 kg of CO2.

This is the reason why I am still advocating for a Ban of Ethereum / PoW NFTs and transactions.

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