Votre panier est vide.

Proposal for a performance by Joanie Lemercier


The project takes place in an empty white room.
A small table is centered in the middle of the space.
On the table, a small machine holds a pen.
It’s controlled by a tiny computer and an algorithm.
The pen moves across a piece of paper.
Tracing hundreds of lines rapidly.

After a few minutes, one might recognize forms, reliefs.
It’s a detail of a rock, or maybe a mountain.
After a few hours, the drawings is finished.
It’s a detailed chunk of a panorama.

The drawing is hanged on the wall.
It’s a tile of a much larger image.
Every day, a new drawing is added to the wall.
The wall is slowly covered with paper and lines.

Over the course of hours, days, a large detailed landscape emerges.

Project shown from November 10th 2019 to February 2nd 2020 as part of Illusionary Nature group show at Sinclair Haus Museum, Bad Homburg, Germany


1- Plotter drawings:
Lemercier has been using plotter machines for a few years,
exploring both abstract geometry and organic, algorithmic landscapes.

<< The machine is like an extension of my arm, it draws tirelessly with great precision,
and allows iterations, while the slow process of lying the ink on the paper
meets the temporarily of the subject. >>

An archive of all drawings can be found on Studio JL website.

Here’s a video of a drawing machine in action.

2- Nature
A recent trip in the Western deserts (USA) helped Lemercier to refine his relationship
with landscapes as a subject: his interest is mostly about the representation of the sublime,
specifically the forces that shape our universe.
This quote from french philosopher Michel Onfray sums it all:

« Turning forces into forms »


The landscapes works of Joanie Lemercier have been shown is various contexts such as the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2018),  Borusan collection Istanbul (2018), Sundance festival (2013), Art Basel  Miami (2012), Muriel Guépin gallery (NYC, since 2011).

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