Votre panier est vide.


Water particles, light, sound. 16 minutes (2018)

“Constellations” is an audio-visual installation.
Light is projected on invisible water particles to form shapes and intangible structures in the air. (See also: NOLOGRAMBRUME)
It’s an abstract journey through geometric structures formed by the universe.
The project will tour light festivals and public spaces around the world.

With Constellations, the environment becomes a gate for the exploration of the cosmos. The 3D like visuals will allow us to move from the heart of a black hole into deep space, travelling through planets and stars, as we look for the limits of the universe. Constellations is a fascinating journey where the vectorial, monochromatic aesthetics of Lemercier dialogues with the electronic soundscapes of producer Paul Jebanasam.

José Luis de Vicente

Conception and visuals: Joanie Lemercier 
Studio Lemercier – Co-Direction : Juliette Bibasse 
Music : Paul Jebanasam (Eidolons tracks used with permission from Multiverse Media Publishing and Subtext recordings) 
Additional code: Kyle Mc Lean
Commissioned by: University of Bristol / Watershed


“A Geometric Light Projection by Joanie Lemercier Invites Viewers to Take a Trip Through the stars” – Colossal

 “Constellations cascade a story of the universe atop dark bodies of water” – Designboom

Closing event for Aix-Marseille European Capital of Innovation 2023, produced by Chroniques, Marseille, FR – November 2023
Lumiere Durham, Durham, UK – November 2023
Aarhus Festuge, Aarhus, DE – August to September 2023
Nuit Blanche Paris, Parc de la Vilette, Paris, FR – October 2022
Scopitone Festival, Nantes, FR – September 2022
Normandie Impressioniste, Le Havre, FR – July 2022
The Art After Dark, Federal Square, Melbourne, AU – May 2022
Winter Lights Festival 2020, Canary Wharf, London, UK – January 2020
Light Me Lusail 2020, Lusail, Qatar, QA – January 2020
Fjord Oslo, NO – November 2019
Wirral, Liverpool, UK – October 2019
Constellations de Metz Festival, Metz, FR – June to September 2019
LLUM BCN, Barcelona, ES – February 2019
Watershed, Bristol, March 2018

Joséphine Brueder: 1
Kyle McDonald: 2-6
Joanie Lemercier : 7-9
Pete Carr : 10-12