Votre panier est vide.


Custom water screen, software, computer, video projector (2017-ongoing)

With Nebulae, experience a unique journey into the cosmos and through time: take off from a familiar terrestrial landscape, aiming at the stars and beyond. Explore galaxies, constellations and witness several mesmerizing cosmic events from the past. Nebulae is an audiovisual installation offering an artistic interpretation by Studio Joanie Lemercier of our stellar universe.


Concept and Visuals: Joanie Lemercier
Production: Juliette Bibasse
Music: Joshua Sabin (used by permission of Multiverse Media Publishing and Subtext Recordings) 
Software development: Sebastiano Barbieri, Nikolay Matveiev, Kyle McLean

Commissioned by MEDIAPRO & Sónar+D

KNAL! Planetarium Music Festival, Leuven, BE – December 2021
Odysée, AADN, Lyon, FR – December 2021
NEO EVENT, CosmoCaixa, Barcelona, ES – April 2021
The New Infinity Program, Zeiss-Grosplanetarium,
Berlin DE – September 2020
Bristol Light Festival, We The Curious, Bristol, UK – February 2020
Plaisirs d’Hiver, Brussels, BE – December 2019
Space Camp, Aix en Provence, FR – November 2019
Mutek Mexico, Mexico city, MX – November 2019
Sonar Festival, Barcelona, ES – July 2019
Special dome event, Seoul, KR – October 2017