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Conservation and maintenance

We invest a lot of time and ressources to make sure that the artworks leaving the studio permanently can last in time and be preserved as well as possible, even beyond hardware and software lifetimes.

We develop open-source software and we choose technologies carefully with durability in mind, making sure these tools will be able to run in 20-30 years from now (and hopefully longer), when the Operating systems and technological paradigms of today will have shifted dramatically.

Currently, we’re working mostly with browser based langages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, WebGL for realtime works, and scripted VLC for video based works, with « emulation-friendly » systems as the main priority.

When you buy an artwork from a gallery or from the studio, you receive a certificate of authenticity that provides details of the work, and guarantees its provenance. This certificate will help us with the maintenance and conservation process.

For most of our editions artworks (except original drawings), we keep a copy of all the original files used to create the pieces, as well as the full procedure to produce the work. If any damage occurs, in many cases, Studio JL will be able to offer a full replacement of the work.
We will need to receive the damaged artwork, or evidence of its destruction, alongside a copy of the certificate of authenticity, to be able to offer restoration or replacement options.

If you encounter any problem related to the « technology part » of the work, please send us some documentation (photos / videos) showing clearly the issue, alongside a copy of your certificate of authenticity.

Second market:
While we do not encourage speculation and profit-oriented resales of our works, we will also ensure that maintenance and preservation of the pieces can be maintained, and we encourage second market buyers to send us their details so we can follow up with any future maintenance intervention.

For all inquiries about an artwork you purchased, contact us via studio-@-joanielemercier.com

We’d like to thank Ben Fino Radin and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer for their contributions on these topics.