Votre panier est vide.


Generative Audiovisual Installation, 2023

LED Screen, sound, computer

Like a wide window towards the distance, the installation creates a direct link between the trees that frame it and the cosmos. The experience offers us a trip between the past, present, and future. Cosmos.1999 explores a profound dissonance between the seductive visual aesthetics of popular science fiction and the dystopian ideology that it embodies most of the time. By unfolding multiple visions of the future, the project offers a critical look at a techno-optimism reserved for an elite that endangers the future of life on our planet. 

Humans have imagined for millennia that the arrangement of stars reflects every event taking place on Earth. Astronomy has confirmed to us that the cosmos shows us the past: it is a moving image of bygone, pre-anthropocene times. How can we grasp the fact that we are overshadowed by a sky that predates our existence? To better land on Earth, wouldn’t it be necessary to lift our eyes, travel back in time, and collectively imagine possible futures?


Conception & Visuals: Joanie Lemercier

Music: Before Tigers


Co-direction: Juliette Bibasse
Technical development: Martin Pirson
Production: Nicolas Roziecki


Uncloud Festival, Utrecht, NL – October 2023

Core Festival, Osseghem Park, Brussels, BE – June 2023