Drawing, projection, sound. 2010

Inspired by the Icelandic volcano, which wreaked travel havoc across Europe in May 2010, Joanie Lemercier presents
the latest incarnation of its audiovisual mapping project.
Painted directly onto a large wall, a wire-framed scenery
is slowly revealed by gentle light effects. The audience’s sense are progressively challenged as optical illusions question
their perception of space.

Visuals: Joanie Lemercier
Music: Paul Jebanasam, and Robert Henke (Oomoo,  excerpt of “Signal to Noise II“)
Production: Juliette BibasseThe early version of the project was initially commissioned by onedotzero,
during an artist residency at EMPAC in April 2010, and produced in collaboration
with the visual label AntiVJ.



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Selected exhibitions
Jul – Sep 2016 Festival Multiplicidade Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
Dec 2015 Paysages volcaniques, Champs libres Rennes, FRANCE
Mar 2013 Prix Cube 2013 Paris, FRANCE
Feb 2013 The Public Birmingham, UK
Sep 2012 BEMF Brussels, BELGIUM
Sep 2012 Scopitone festival Nantes, FRANCE
Dec 2012 China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts Beijing, CHINA
Nov 2011 Onedotzero at BFI London, UK
Dec 2010 Bristol festival Bristol, UK
May 2010 Onedotzero festival. Empac Troy, USA



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