Votre panier est vide.

An immersive audiovisual installation, depicting the largest coal mine of Europe and its impact on the environment.

A large scale video collage representing the different aspects of the project throught 5 chapters

1- The Hambach forest

1-a Nature.
A 12.000 years old forest.

écran didactique: 4k

1-b Laser scans

Lighting up details of nature in darkness to reveal its structural beauty.

3 pistes

  • videos de laser dans la nature
  • laser sur fleurs séchées
  • projection mapping sur bas relief
  • impression de photos (lightbox, papier photo mat ou dibond)

1-c Point cloud

2-a The baggers

2-b Coal and Power plants

écran didactique / transition ?

3- Clouds of smoke

4- Architecture and heritage

5- activism

Aspect documentaire – écran et public assis ?

footage: Vincent Verzat

5-b Projections How artists and activists may use technologies (drone, projectors etc..) to help protecting the future.

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