Votre panier est vide.

Light sculpture

Light and Sound installation, January 2007
ClubTransmediale festival, Berlin – Germany

After a first intervention at visomat’s former art space “M12” in Berlin in 2006 and several projection on paper structures and pyramidal compositions, Lemercier presents his first autonomous mapping project at “ClubMaria”.
The polygonal styrofoam shapes slowly light up, and become a contemplative light sculpture, glowing facets appear to emit light and line patterns redefine the space. A daily live performance is proposed, inspired by Berlin music producer Sleeparchive’s deep sound textures.

Projections: concept and visuals by Joanie Lemercier.

Structure: “Halbzeug” by Visomat Inc.
(Torsten Oetken and Michael Weinholzner)
Music: zzz06 “hospital tracks” – Sleeparchive
Photo credits: Joanie Lemercier, Götz Holborn.