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Paysage 17.219

a 360* installation by Joanie Lemercier
Print on paper, projection, 2017

Paysage 17.219 is a living panorama, combining wallpaper and mapping. Generated in 360° in 3D through algorithms and then cut into strips of paper and pasted on the walls, it comes to life under the effect of a video projection.

How do we connect code and nature? And what if our reality could be recreated, simulated with mathematical functions?
This topography, appearing to be a view of peaks, canyons and valleys, is in fact a single grid mesh distorted by an algorithm. A layer of projected light brings the panorama to life: clouds, reflections, shadows, and the illusion of depth blurs our sense of distance. Days, nights and seasons unfold beneath our eyes, distorting our perception of time and space.



Production: Juliette Bibasse

Paysage 17.219 was created for The 10th Cheongju Craft Biennale in South Korea

September 2017 – The 10th Cheongju Craft Biennale  – Cheongju, South Korea