Votre panier est vide.

Paper and light

audio visual installation. 2012
paper, tape, video projector
The installation Paper and Light was originally made during a workshop with kids at “the public” in Manchester, UK.
Since then, I made several instances of the installation, in Art galleries and festivals.

It’s about creating something together.
It’s about making a composition from iterative decisions.
It’s about having conversations about balance, randomness.
It’s about the subjectivity of our perception of beauty.
It’s about beauty emerging from simple patterns.
It’s about the subtle shades and gradients created by the ambient light.

The first editions of Paper and light were made out of sheets of A4 paper folded into pyramids onto which a layer of light is projected.
Here’s a tutorial made during the 2020 Covid confinement to make your own installation at home.

The project is also available for large scale, permanent, In situ installations.

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