Votre panier est vide.

2015 projects

I’m obsessed with light.
Technology allows us to manipulate light in such way that we can send a pixel hundred of meters away and have precise control over its properties, brightness and colour, at very high frequencies. Low cost projectors give us millions of these pixels to play with, a great opportunity for creatives and artists to use light to modify the space around us.

New frameworks and open code will redefine boundaries, Elliot Woods’ hacks will double up projectors brightness and reach high framerates, super-bright LEDs will push limits even further, and bring us new perspectives on what can be achieved.
Technology keeps shaping the new art forms as much as it’s shaping our everyday lives.

Within that exciting context, I’m planning the coming year with a variety of projects, mostly focusing on challenging our visual perception and creating experiences that question the very nature of reality.

Here are the main projects and formats I will be developing this year.



Immersive audiovisual installation, 15 min
by Joanie Lemercier
and James Ginzburg

Watch the universe unfold, as it comes into being.

Formats available:
– dome
– projection on screen
– oculus rift

Project page


projection on drawing,
5 min loop

Tesselate combines drawing, anamorphosis and projection mapping, in a series of in-situ pieces.

Geometric shapes
emerge from the walls like crystals, and spread across the architecture,
turning the city into polygonal structures.

contact us for more information.

FUJI (不死)

audiovisual installation, 16 min
by Joanie Lemercier
and Paul Jebanasam

A large scale hand drawn landscape depicting the Fujiyama is augmented by a layer of projected light.
The abstract narratives are inspired by the legend of Kaguya Hime, giving an imaginary and poetic vision of the story in an immersive environment.

Project page


Projection on sculpture
in-situ pieces

On going series of works based on projections onto origamis started in 2007, exploring patterns made of folded paper, augmented by a layer of projected light.

I’m now focusing on large, permanent installations.

Project page


Projection on sculpture
designed by:
Joanie Lemercier
and Kyle McDonald

a large parametric crystalline structure animated by projection of generative patterns.
Originally commissioned by Barneys NYC, as part of a collaboration with Jay Z.

The piece is available for purchase, get in touch for more information.



Hear and visualize the geometry of architecture.

Upcoming audiovisual project, based around perception of space and ways to represent architecture.

Will premiere at STRP festival, March 2015.


Over the years, I had a chance to explore this format for events, and one-off projections.

I am now focusing on permanent installations, and I want to start discussions with architects, to consider projection mapping beyond temporary, flashy shows.


In the past three years, I explored the bridges between large scale works made through a digital process, and did some research on how it could translate to art galleries and collectors homes.

The outcome are the ‘Light canvas’ series, and ‘Bright matter’, a group show I curated in NYC and Art Basel Miami.


Micro video-proposals combining architecture, light and music Rather than waiting for projects proposals to land in my inbox, I am now actively working on the projects I really want to make happen. These short videos are proposals, featuring places and artists I’d love to work with.
Note: These projects are fictional, and are just simulations.

with Nils Frahm, at Château de Versailles
with Woodkid, at Grand Palais.
with Portishead in sacred architecture.
with emptyset in decaying architecture.