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Climate Action

We are facing an unprecedented global climate emergency.

We must act now.

I believe individual actions are important (reduction of consumption and travel, local sourcing of products) but without a shift from corporations, banks and governments, it remains insignificant.

In 2019 I decided to take actions, and dedicate a significant amount of time and efforts to the environmental cause: I use technology to shed light on some issues, and I follow and assist different groups of activists in their direct actions.


I need your help !
If you'd like to follow these actions and possibly contribute / help on specific occasions, subscribe to my climate-action newsletter below:

Here’s an archive of different projects I’m working on:

The Hambach coal mine:
A 12.000 forest being cut
– Churches and villages razed
– The largest machine on earth: the bagger 288
– 270.000 tons of CO2 per day

Autodesk support of coal mining:
– A ” success story
– Conversation with the CEO
Policies violations and censorship
– Autodesk’s Greenwashing.
– Insights from a senior Autodesk employee (p18-19)
Full story: https://tinyurl.com/autodesk-and-coal

Direct Actions: Ende Geleande
– June actions: blocking train coal supply
June actions in the mine
Laser projections
December action
Conference about Hambach
2020 action
– Dannibleibt (thread)

Direct Actions: Extinction Rebellion
– Projection tests
– Actions in London
– Projection on the British Parliament
– Projection on Buckingham palace
– Projection ont the King’s palace in Brussels
Recap blog post


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