Seoul’s art scene is buzzing.

I’m currently in Seoul, South Korea, to be part of the Da Vinci creative festival, at Gumcheon Art center. I was invited by Mimi Son & Elliot Woods, to present an installation alongside with some of my favourites visual artists, Zimoun (CH), Herman Kolgen (CA), Kimchi & Chips (UK/KR), Ben Kreukniet from UVA (UK) with also many upcoming South Korean artists.

It’s been 5 years since I first came here for an architectural mapping project in Songdo, a futuristic city that has bit abandoned since then, and I’m really excited to re discover the city in a different context..

This month the Seoul art scene is buzzing, with the opening of SeMA Art Bienniale, several mind blowing exhibitions (Troika at Daelim museum, a new gigantic piece from Olafur Eliasson at Leeum (pictured above), artworks from Zimoun, Carsten Nikolai, United Visual Artists and the list goes on…


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I’m obsessed with geometric patterns.
I can’t stop drawing them.
And the triangle is my favourite shape over all.

To pursue my never-ending quest of finding the perfect triangular pattern, I make simple tools.
This tool will allow you to generate Delaunay and Voromoi diagrams from a set of point, and export the result as an svg file.


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The Satosphere is a 18 meters diameter dome on the roof of the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] in Montreal. It opened in 2011, and has a 360° x 210° spherical screen, equipped with 8 video projectors, 157 speakers, and has a team of designers and technicians working in the space, doing content creation as well as active R&D on immersive technologies and contents.

I was invited as part of the artist residency program to develop an audiovisual piece that premièred in May 2014.
I spent about a month in the dome, doing extensive tests and research, as well as rehearsals and a lot of fine tuning, and I’d like to share some of my findings, which could be useful if you’re working in a similar environment.

Working with such format implies new rules, here are a few things I discovered during the residency.


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Last November, during a meeting with all the artists and team, I announced to everyone that I decided to step out of the label I created 5 years ago.
It was a painful decision, but necessary for me to move forward. Here is the full story.


In 2006, I started using the name AntiVJ as a nickname for my solo VJing performances. I was performing intensively in Bristol and London, and I was becoming fed up with the classic “multi-colored VJing effects” and random visuals mashups. I chose the word AntiVJ at that time half as a statement, and half as a joke.
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