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Kanazawa art residency: digital meets traditional Japanese crafts

We are in Kanazawa, Japan, for a two weeks residency, to discover the traditional Japanese crafts works developed since the Edo era (1603-1868): gold leaf and lacquer, as well as the more recent art of glass making.

This project started at a UNESCO Creative Cities meeting during a conversation between the mayors of Kanazawa (JP) and Enghien-les-bains (FR), the two cities co-producing the project with the Centre des arts of Enghien-les-Bains, a subsidised media arts center.

We are exploring possible connections between the traditional Japanese arts and the digital arts, and how softwares, algorithms, computer driven machines could be combined together with the use of gold, wood, paper, lacquer or glass.
We will spend most of the time between Mr Atsushi Ichikawa glass workshop and Kapo Art center.

I will share here the progress of the residency, from the early sketches and rough ideas, to the production process with the different craft artists we will meet, and hopefully some of the result and outputs of these two weeks. My super-producer Juliette is also sharing some of the process.


Gold leaf workshop Projection tests on glass pyramids.



Projections on glass pyramids, inspired by the Asa-no-ha (hemp leaf) pattern.

DSC00583_small DSC00584_small DSC00595_small
DSC00604_small  DSC00799_small
DSC00638_small  DSC00854_small
 Image26 Image29
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Wood and lacquer
Patterns emerging from wood: Variations of Kikkou (turtle shell pattern)


DSC00650_small DSC00647_small DSC00658_small
DSC00645_small DSC00838_small 
Image6c Image6b Image7


Projections on glass and gold leaf stars,
Inspired by the star chart found in Kitora’s tomb (late 7th century).

Image10 Image11 Image12
Image13 Image14 Image15
Image17 Image18 Image19 Image20


Image23 Image21_edit Image22EDITED_DSC00955_small EDITED_DSC00934_small