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Some time in Iceland

30 days in Iceland.

Despite a decade long interest for the Eyjafjallajökull, it’s my first visit to Iceland. We’re doing an art residency with Juliette Bibasse, and here’s some documentation on our time here. [Updates every couple of days]

Laser projections in the wild. 2W RGB laser on solar charged power bank.

Laser scan.
Scanning a chunk of Icelandic land: an experimental attempt to survey a 5m x 5m area: 6 trees, heavy grass.
and the carbon-capture potential of a small portion of nature.

Despite hours of research online and emails to specialists of reforestation, I couldn’t find a simple, reliable tool to estimate of the amount of C02 that could be captured over a year.

Update: Chris Hancock collected info from 3 scientists from his organization Winrock.
“We estimate that pine trees in a plantation in Iceland sequester 3 t CO2 per hectare per year, so for a 5x5m plot works out to a maximum of 0.12 t CO2 captured annually”.

Brutal lava cooling and extreme forces bended rocks and shaped the landscape.

Inside a cloud.
A day cloud level was very low and filled the space around us.
The water particles made laser light beam visible and lit the surrounding of the beam over 1 kilometer.

At the barn
Revealing shapes within the existing architecture.

How many trees to make a forest ?
We’ve planted 396 trees. Here are more details.


  • Nina Zurier

    septembre 29, 2019 at 2:48

    Great project! Good science and beautiful! It was nice to meet you.

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